Ba3dana – Fairuz

بَعْدَنا، مَنْ يَقْصِدُ الكُرُومْ؟
after us, who will walk up to the orchards
مَنْ يَمْلأُ السِّلالْ، مَنْ يَقْطِفُ الدَّوالي؟
?who will fill the basket, who will harvest the grapes
بَعْدَنا هَلْ تَنْزِلُ النُّيُومْ؟
?after us will the stars fall
تَلْهُو عَلَى التِّلالْ فِي هَدْأَةِ الليَالي؟
?will they play on the mountains in the tranquility of the night

فِي سَفْحِنَا العِرْزَالْ يَرِفُّ سِحْرِيَّ الغُصُونْ
at the foot of the mountain lies a hut, glitters with its magical branches
وَسَاحَةُ الأَظْلَالْ فِي شَجْوِهَا طِيبٌ حَنُونْ
and the open field of the shadows, in its anxiousness a tender goodness

أَرْضُنَا هُنَا وَرَبَعُنَا وَحَيْثُ هِمْنَا وانْتَشَيْنَا
here is our land and our homes, and here we wandered feeling ecstasy
سِحْرُهَا لَنَا وَحُلْمُنَا فَإِنْ رَحَلْنَا وَمَضَيْنَا
her magic is for us, and our dreams, whether we leave or we go  

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