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A’tini al-nay – Fairuz / أعطني الناي – فيروز

أَعطِني النَّايَ وغَنِّ فَالغِنا سِرُّ الوُجود
give me the flute and sing, for song is the secret to existence
وأَنينُ النَّيِ يَبْقى بَعْدَ أنْ يَفْنى الوُجود
and the moan of the flute remains, after existence comes to an end

هل آتَّخَذْتَ الغَابَ مِثلي مَنزِلًا دُونَ القُصور
have you taken like me, the forest, as abode without the palaces
وتَتَبَّعتَ السَّواقي وتَسَلَّقْتَ الصُّخُورْ
and followed the brooks, and climbed the rocks

هل تَحَمَّمْتَ بعِطرٍ وتَنَشَّفْتَ بِنُور
have you bathed in fragrance, and dried yourself with light
وشَرِبتَ الفَجرَ خَمرًا في كُؤُوسٍ مِن أَثير
and have you drank dawn as wine, from glasses made of ether

أَعطِني النَّايَ وغَنِّ فَالغِنا خَيرُ الصَّلاة
give me the flute and sing, for song is better than prayer
وأَنينُ النَّايِ يَبقى بَعدَ أنْ تَفنى الحَياة
and the moan of the flute remains, after life perishes

هل جَلَسْتَ العَصرَ مثلي بَينَ جَفْناتِ العِنَبْ
have you, like me, rested in the afternoon, between the grapevines
والعَناقبدُ تَدَلَّتْ كَثُريَّاتِ الذَّهَب
and the clusters of grapes dangles, like golden chandeliers

هل فَرَشْتَ العُشْبَ لَيلًا وتَلَحَّفْتَ الفَضاء
have you covered the grass at night, and wrapped yourself with space
زاهِدًا في ما سَيأتي ناسًيا ما قَدْ مَضى
unconcerned of what  shall come, forgetting that which has passed

أَعطِني النَّيى وغَنِّ وانْسَ داءً ودواء
give me the flute and sing, and forget distress and cure
إنَّما النَّاسُ سُطورٌ كُتِبَتْ لٰكِن بِماء
for people are just like lines, written, but with water

(كلمات جبران خليل جبران)